Uniquely Prince!!! Remembering Prince In The Cool Zone

Uniquely Prince!!!
Today we pay tribute to one of the greatest and most talented entertainers of our times. PRINCE!
I know that you just as I, have been deeply saddened by the loss of Prince just a few days ago. Being the same age as Prince. I was fortunate enough to see Prince enter the music scene like only Prince could. Playing all of the instruments, singing all of the vocals. Composing, arranging and recording all of his music, himself. One of the greatest and most talented entertainers of our times. The music world has been left with a huge void because there will never be another Prince. For Prince was Uniquely Prince. I have attached a video of Prince playing bass. Enjoy, Uniquely Prince, In The Cool Zone at Avenue Cool.

Branch Dean, Avenue Cool Music

Maurice White Of EW&F Fan Interviews & Tribute

With the recent passing of Maurice White, Founding member of Earth, Wind & Fire. I decided to conduct some fan interviews at the Guitar Center in Glen Burnie, Maryland. The Fans showing their love and respect for the musical contributions of Mr Maurice White and EWF to their lives.

Founding member of Earth, Wind and Fire Bandleader, Maurice White Deceased at age 74. My Condolences to the White Family.

Incidentally, if you listen to the Maurice White Tribute at the very end of the video. You will notice that he mentions bringing his imagination into the real world.
Einstein has been quoted as saying. ” Imagination is more important than knowledge. It’s a preview of life’s coming attractions”.
Just as I thought, Maurice White was a musical genius.

Remember, Do The Thing and You Shall have The Power.

Branch Dean, Avenue Cool Music